Our Story

Everyone loves a good story and people try to connect to it if that story holds any meaning. We also have a story which we would love to share with you.

LifeAbroad.ca is a community started by millennial’s who came to Canada with a dream to make it big. We had our own fair share of luck, hard work, struggle and what not when we were trying to settle in this country.

We don’t say that everyone will go through the same process or will have the same story, but we want to be a part of your story as a “Friend” who can guide you and help you settle in Canada.

Now, a lot of people have friends and relatives when they come to Canada and some come just on their own. We are not trying to replace any existing relationships as we are just another friend who has a little bit extra experience and trying to help out, we believe that won’t hurt, right?

We started this community in January 2017 and currently focusing on the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) region and would expand to different provinces as we grow. Since there is no charge to our family members we would need your support and love to grow the initiative and help more people settle in this beautiful country.

LifeAbroad.ca – Defining your path to success!

LifeAbroad.ca acts as a companion in your journey to make sure that you succeed!

We are a team of dedicated community members, ready to do whatever it takes to make your journey seamless


LifeAbroad.ca makes it a seamless transition from your home country to Canada. We know it is hard moving from one part of the world to another. We help you in your application process when you are in your home country and help you as a companion when you arrive in Canada.

We are your “Friend Abroad”. The term “Friend” holds a lot of value and we tend to add more to it by adding services which you need when you arrive in Canada.


We are all driven by passion. It is something that keeps us going even when going gets tough. For us, “Supporting You” is our passion. We know how it feels when you have people who genuinely care for you in a foreign land.

This is also the primary reason why people trust LifeAbroad.ca. We are your trusted advisors abroad who not only assist you when you are in your home country but also help and guide you when you are in Canada. Our community is dedicated to providing you constant support. Come join our community and get to know how we can help.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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