Foreign land not so foreign anymore!

Talking of apprehensions, the biggest apprehension that would come across a student’s mind is the basic notion of leaving his/her country to pursue his/her education abroad.

The goal of most of the students is to get a college degree from a trusted institute abroad. Initially, the mindset of a student may not be very affirmative towards the idea of leaving the native land and venture into new lands. This usually occurs if no one from his/her family has ever visited or settled in a foreign land. The preconceived notions usually refrain or create a barrier in the mind of the student from moving abroad.

Some students find the entire process of finding a place to stay, what program to choose, finding companions etc to be a hassle in itself. As a result of these pre-conceived notions, they refrain themselves from the very idea of settling abroad.

Also, funding too is a primary concern for many students planning to study abroad. Moving abroad on personal investment is a huge concern. Although the Federal form of financial aid does apply to the study-abroad programs which sometimes is still insufficient to cover the additional costs like the household expenses, travel expenses etc.

All the above-mentioned barriers force us to ponder as to why a student would study abroad in the very first place.

To overcome this, many education institutions in Canada have taken pro-active measures to welcome students coming from different parts of the world and make them feel at home even when they are miles away from their own country.

Educational institutes have gone out of the way and incorporated the following measures into their programs:

  • Connect with students coming from all over the globe during pre-college inductions and orientation activities
  • Colleges connect with the student’s parents during the induction and onboarding process
  • Colleges ensure that they involve all the students coming from different regions, countries etc in recruitment and orientation programs. Special emphasis is laid on a group of students in minority
  • Have a special committee designed to address the issues related to racism, ragging etc
  • Organize a special program wherein they discuss the career opportunities once the student has taken admission
  • The educational entities ensure that the students and their parents are well informed about the various scholarships programs available and about the course fee without any hidden expense well before the students get admission in the institute
  • Often short-term programs which are more viable and feasible are introduced with a lower cost’ in addition to the regular full-time courses
  • Last but not the least, the students are made well aware of their study abroad options for eg- Internships, Part-time/Full-time jobs. Students may also seek to combine several options into one package, for example, a study abroad work experience

The above mentioned points should certainly motivate anyone who once thought of moving to a foreign land but parked the idea just because of certain apprehensions.


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