Is networking the only mantra to success?

“Is networking the only mantra to success?” This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions not only by students but, also by anyone who is planning to migrate to Canada and make a living. There is a lot of buzz around the corporate world when it comes to “Networking” and there are a lot of different opinions. In simple words, networking means “connecting with other people to interact, exchange information, and develop a relationship which could help you advance your career.”

Why is networking important?

There is a famous proverb “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Similar to that, networking is something which is the trend in Canada, people follow and a lot of them excel their careers with the help of this astonishing skill. Colleges and Universities organize workshops for their students to develop this skill and simultaneously give you a chance to network with peers and industry experts. A lot of schools organize workshops where they invite guest speakers, who share their experiences and give tips on how to be successful in Canada. It is one of the best chance for the students to network with professionals. With that being said, networking is the not the only thing you need to land a job.

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The relevance of Canadian Experience?

Canadian Experience is a hot topic which people talk about. Experience in the job market allows the employers to quantify an individual’s knowledge of Canadian workplace culture, the standards of job life in Canada, and language skills. Organizations prefer people with Canadian experience because of many reasons, some of them are listed below:

  • It’s not possible for every employer to do a global reference check and there will always be a question on how credible that source is
  • If a person is familiar with a certain software or are certified against it, the company might prefer to train people locally than hire non-Canadian citizens who are not familiar with it
  • At times, a job role may require an individual to be proficient in multiple languages to communicate effectively at all levels

International or Domestic?

Status does not define your fate. We say that because a lot of immigrants have done that in past when it comes to making it big in Canada. People chose their province ensuring they collect enough points to fulfill the criteria for a permanent Canadian status. A large number of employers do not restrict their choices on the basis of status. One of the limiting factors could be a long-term commitment to the job from the applicants, however, a skilled candidate could definitely land a job in this beautiful country.

To summarize, we would like to state that these ideas or views will vary from individual to individual. There will be a change in rules and policies from time to time so nothing is guaranteed. We recommend that networking is one of the top soft skills that help connect people, but it does not guarantee a job. The right set of hard and soft skills, knowledge, certifications, prior experiences, references and positive attitude also counts. We are not saying that everyone goes through the same process or has the same story but these experiences might help you network with the right people.

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