IT Industry in Canada

IT Industry in Canada, Information Technology, Canada

Information Technology has advanced our lives in one way or the other from quite some time now. It has created easy alternatives for tedious tasks, allowed us to connect with each other more efficiently, along with handling a lot of manual tasks.

IT is one of the hottest job markets in Canada. There are ample dev shops which are continuously growing and enriching the tech world. Being in this field for over 5 years now, I feel that it is one of the fields that is changing faster than people can adapt. From app mania to extremely intuitive web applications, the world of technology is getting more powerful and diverse with each passing day.

With a great number of job openings and different market segments transferring workload to the world of technology, you certainly do have a lot of options when selecting your workplace. The key is to identify your strengths as well as the knowledge on which technology would continue to thrive over the next 5-10 years.

If you are planning to step into this field or are just getting started with your education, please be aware that it is a field in which you will always have to stay updated. I, over a span of 5 years, had to learn at least a dozen of new technologies, take multiple certifications, and am constantly keeping agile to new systems and architectural methods that I must adapt to.

A visible mention also goes to the fact that most of the Dev shops in Canada are relatively new and are still getting structured in their processes. So notably, you can easily end up in a startup which is still trying to find its hold and even though it might have its niche and has broken ground, internal processes may still be coming together. You might find yourself juggling with the tasks not listed on the job description and are relatively nowhere close to your role.

“There are over 37,400 companies in the Canadian Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector. The majority (over 33,000) falls within the software and computer services industries.

The ICT sector consists mainly of small companies, with over 32,000 of them employing fewer than 10 people. The number of large companies employing over 500 individuals is relatively small, accounting for approximately 115 firms, including subsidiaries of foreign multinational corporations.”

IT, after the birth of world wide web in April 1993, has grown on to become a 24-year-old adult which has taken over the world. It drives us to think out of the box and bring out our creative sides. It covers almost all sectors of the market and challenges you to continuously innovate and invent. It has been exciting so far and one must understand that the journey is just beginning. So, if you like to think quick on your feet and like to see new challenges on a regular basis, consider digging in and join the world of IT.


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