Part Time Jobs in Canada

Having a part-time job in Canada while studying is a great way to gain experience as well as some extra money!

One can work part-time, on or off campus while he/she is a full-time student. One is legally eligible to work for 20 hours per week on the Canadian student visa. Depending on the University and the course, one may get on-campus jobs as well. Many schools have an International Student Office on campus which helps the student by answering questions about the school, the new program and even about life in the new country.

Part-time jobs are readily available in the following departments:

Quality Assurance, Gas Stations, Home Depot, Packaging, Administrative jobs in retail shops, Restaurants and in labor-intensive manufacturing companies. Another option is freelance work, someone planning to freelance should upload their resume and create a profile at “goLance” or “fiverr”

Tip – “ and are great starting points if you are looking to apply for part-time jobs”

How to find such jobs?

Advertisements: People put up banners or posters with their requirements. One should keep an eye on such posters and keep their resume always handy.
Newspaper Adverts: Many people still use the traditional way of printing vacancies in the newspaper.
Affiliate Marketing: Many companies like Transtutors are always on the look for affiliates to boost their market visibility. The work has a decent payout and a good profile to work on.
Shop windows: Often restaurants, grocery stores, cafes etc put signs in their windows if they are looking for filling vacancies.
Job Agencies: Certain job agencies can also help in the process and find opportunities which might interest you.
Friends and Networking: Last but not the least, friends can vouch for you and get you a part-time job which sometimes leads to full0-time opportunities. Networking with professors and your peers can make the job search process easy and we recommend doing that at every step.

Most colleges and universities have bulletin boards where on-campus job openings are posted. There are websites carrying information about similar job openings like,, etc.
One can work in coffee shops, retail stores, bookstores, libraries etc. If someone is multilingual, he/she can work as a translator. As Canada is a multi-cultural society, services of a translator are highly required.

Trend – “Another growing job market is food delivery and Driver jobs with Uber”

Monetary Aspect:
Usually, for part time jobs, a student is paid on hourly basis. The minimum wage rate varies from $10.85/hour – $15/hour depending on the province you are in.One can also work with the aim of gaining work experience by helping his/her professor with research work or take part in community service. These job roles might lead to good opportunities in future.

To sum it all up, one should keep volunteering in various activities in and out of campus, for example -peer mentoring, working as student ambassadors, etc. Volunteering for such activities does not merely help in building a strong network, but also helps in finding a good job through recommendations.


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