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Transit or should we say “Travel Buddy” is one thing which you need to be aware of while traveling to a new place or if you’re new to a country. We are not asking you to understand the dynamics of Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) but yes, a brief would serve the purpose. More than 2.5 million people travel by TTC every day and this number is ever growing. If you are visiting Toronto you can easily figure out the transit routes, and the fare system.

For those who are new to Toronto and want to explore this amazing city, TTC is one of the best ways to do it as it connects all major locations in Toronto. The fare system followed by the Toronto Transit Commission is a simple one and has been segregated into the following categories:

Tokens – It is one of the best ways to travel if you are not a frequent traveler and are not looking to commit to a monthly fee for the pass. For more details, check the link.

Daily Pass – As the name suggests, it lets you use TTC services for one complete day. For pricing details please visit the TTC page.

Weekly Pass – If you are in Toronto for a week or feel that you are only going to use the Toronto Transit for a week then you might want to get a weekly pass.

Post-Graduate Pass – It is one of the best options for postgraduate students to travel an unlimited number of times in a month with this pass. You need a valid post-secondary ID which proves that you are a postgraduate student eligible for this pass.

Adult Pass – For those who are not in college or have graduated will move on to the next level of the pass which is an adult pass. You get the same privilege of unlimited travel over a month and you don’t need to carry any additional ID with this type of pass.

Convention Pass – These passes are a good way to do a bulk purchase if an organization or business is looking to do an event and wants to rebrand the pass and distribute it amongst employees. (Source)

Go Fare Sticker – TTC has tied up with GO transit to offer you a better connectivity in Toronto. These stickers can be purchased at GO transit’s Union, Danforth, or Exhibition stations. (Source)

Downtown Express Sticker – This is a great way to leverage this express service on top of the regular TTC service. You can either pay by tokens or buy a monthly express sticker.  (Source)

Apart from these above-mentioned passes, there are a plethora of other options such as GTA weekly pass, Student pass, Senior Citizen Pass, Presto, etc. For more details on the fare options and Toronto Transit Commission, please visit the page.

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